TEDxBrusselsSalon All aboard!

This September 21, get on board an experience as immersive as it is inspiring with the TEDxBrusselsSalon All Aboard! 

Comfortably seated in a vintage streetcar, let yourself be taken on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Brussels. Starting from the streetcar museum, take part in a unique concept between exchanging ideas on mobility and an atypical moment of encounter. 

Next stop: Talks! Qualified speakers will take the floor on the mobility of tomorrow. The opportunity in particular to question us on different themes: Mobility as a privilege?; Mobility changing perception of space; Is the future of mobility high tech or low tech?  To address these topics, you will find:

  • Matthew Baldwin, Deputy Director General at DG Move (EU Commission)
  • Jill Warren, CEO of the European Cyclists’ Federation
  • Olivier Malay, Economist at ACV - Voeding en Diensten
  • Philippe Lovens, Co-founder and CEO - Urbike
  • Céline Vanderborght, Smart City Manager for the Brussels Capital Region and Administrator of the STIB

Don't wait any longer to book your moment with us, come out inspired and have a crazy urge to get off the beaten track ! 

Today more than ever, questions about mobility in Brussels and around the world are at the heart of the news. Are we all equal when it comes to the different means of transport available to us? How can we leave no one on the edge of the platform?  How do old means of transportation still fit into our environment today?  From advances to scientific breakthroughs, how have the means of transportation and their use changed? 

Embark with us at our next TEDxBrusselsSalon All Aboard! to try to answer these questions, discover others... and exchange on the theme of mobility in our capital to create together the future that everyone wants to build.


In practice

The experience is 35€ per adult; 15€ per student.
Departure at 18:15 at the Public Transportation Museum, with talks by the speakers. A moment of exchange will follow during a loop in a vintage streetcar.
End of the event at 20:30.
Simultaneous translation FR/EN